This brand new book from Marshalls offers over 40 variations on good old mac and cheese to exercise your culinary skills.  You can create classic Marshalls macaroni cheese with a guide to the perfect béchamel sauce, or try for something more adventurous like macaroni with crispy pancetta, asparagus and soft yolk quails egg, a recipe submitted by Gerry Healy, the head chef at Sloan’s in Glasgow, who regularly creates magical macaroni dishes for SMAC, the Scottish Macaroni Appreciation Club.   

Starters, mains and deserts are all covered in this book, as here are recipes for macaroni pancakes, chocolate macaroni and mac forest cheesecake.

This book is a must for all mac and cheese lovers, so treat yourself or one of your foodie friends to something truly unique.

The recipes are a collection submitted from all over Scotland, which includes some classics from Marshalls, family favourites from Facebook fans and hearty recipes from head chefs. The ingredients and methodology are easy to pick up and there are some detailed photographs showing how your dish will turn out. 

‘Macaroni: Mac & Cheese but not as you know it’ is available to buy now from all good bookshops and from online retailers Waterstones and Amazon.